Digital Multimeter Auto Range Detection [Testo]


Digital Multimeter Auto Range Detection [Testo]

Digital Multimeter Auto Range Detection [Testo]

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$360.00 $355.00

  • MODEL – 760-2
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  • Ideal for measuring all important electrical parameters Automatic detection and selection of measurement parameters, current measurement in the µA range, true root mean square (TRMS) measurement, low pass filter, operation via function keys, large illuminated display, temperature adapter
    Overview of applications
  • Testing voltage supply in live wires, current measurement in the lower measuring range, testing voltage supply for frequency-controlled motors, measuring the ionization flow of heating systems, continuity tests on switching components, resistance measurement of sensors or motor windings, easy temperature checking
  • Model: 760-2
  • The TESTO 760-2 digital handheld multimeter means you can measure electrical parameters more easily and reliably than ever before. In contrast to other multimeters, the TESTO 760-2 automatically detects the appropriate measurement parameter via the socket assignment – and therefore rules out any dangerous incorrect settings.
  • It is not operated conventionally by a dial, but with illuminated function keys. This means you can easily control the measuring instrument with just one hand. The large, illuminated display shows the readings clearly.
  • The TESTO 760-2 digital multimeter has the most important functions for measuring current, voltage and resistance. The measurement of current strength is also possible in the µA range thanks to the larger measuring range. And the integrated low-pass filter achieves more accurate measurement results on frequency converter controlled motors. Temperatures can also be measured with this multimeter in addition to electrical parameters.
  • Model: 760-2
  • Temperature – TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)
  • Measuring range : -20 to +500 °C
  • Accuracy : ±1 °C (0 to +100 °C)
  • Resolution : 0.2 °C

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